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Born in Shaoxing, China in 2001

My L6 project is based on mixed media such

as weaving, knitting, collage and oil painting initial attempt to understand and explore issues such as intergenerational relationships and emotional anxiety, experimenting with painterly visuals. Conflicting emotions are expressed in soft fabrics. The process combines installation art with oil painting in a primitive, map-like collage of figurative yet abstract lines and blocks of colour.


Experimenting with art-making, stepping outside the box and changing the perspective of observation. Multifaceted experimentation and exploration, the work is analyzed and investigated from the perspective of both the observer and the observed.


2019-2022-BA (Hons) Fine Art- Kingston University


2019 - Grid show - Kingston

2019 - Foyer show - Kingston

2020- Institute of Proposals-Kingston(online)

2022- Publication as Exhibition-STANLEY PICKER GALLERY

​2022- We're still here - NOT MY BEAUTIFUL HOUSE Degree show

2022- A temporary landing - Kingston Avionics Building


2019 - THE LONELY CAT - Illustration book

2022 -Lines and Cross


2019 - Mask on your heart - Kingston

2021 - Observation and Unknown-Kingston

2022 - All words are sentimental

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